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TRBOnet™ Swift Agent 002

TRBOnet Swift Agent is a powerful hardware RadioOverIP gateway implementing connection between a radio network and TRBOnet Radio Server to provide remote site control, voice and data transfer possibilities.

Supported by TRBOnet Enterprise, TRBOnet PLUS and TRBOnet Watch

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Key Benefits:

  • Remote control over IP with no need for direct USB connection
  • Improves stability and reliability of control station operations
  • Unattended radio network gateway with remote self-monitoring
  • Compatible with analog and digital radios

Supported Radios:

  • MOTOTRBO on Digital channel - all the voice and data features supported
  • MOTOTRBO on Analogue channel- signaling supported (MDC-1200 and Select5)
  • Motorola GM series, CM140 and similar
  • Kenwood, Icom etc (no digital or analogue signaling supported)

Product Modifications:

  • Swift Agent 002.M1 for MOTOTRBO old series
  • Swift Agent 002.M2 for MOTOTRBO Extended Portfolio
  • Swift Agent 002.MA for Analogue Radios
TRBOnet Agent 002

Remote management and control

Provides remote management and operations for the control station with no direct USB connection. Supports voice and location data transfer between radio site subscribers and the TRBOnet software. Accelerates control station operations by eliminating extra voice encodings. Keeps the control station available for voice communications through the accessory microphone.

Stability and unattended operation

Implements an ability to perform power on/o and restart operations remotely. Increases reliability of control station operations by avoiding Operating System imperfections and using only industry standard interfaces. No need for software updates or any conguration changes during operation. Provides enhanced stability for electromagnetic radiation and mechanical effect.

Self-monitoring and diagnostic information

Provides temperature control information to keep the recommended temperature level. Sends alerts on power loss and switching to the backup battery supply if any.