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TRBOnet™ Swift Event Logic

The SWIFT family of TRBOnet products includes a variety of hardware solutions designed to enhance capabilities MOTOTRBO has to offer. In addition to the voice communications, the end-users, each operating a sizeable fleet of vehicles, are eager to deploy additional data services like location, geofencing, motion control, telemetry, etc.

However, because the MOTOTRBO data bandwidth is scarce, the provider can take various measures. For example, currently it is not uncommon to limit the frequency of GPS polling to 10 minutes or even more. Because of these constraints and limitations, location/motion tracking and notification rules cannot yet be responsive enough to deliver real world business value.

Still another real world consideration is the often incomplete radio coverage. Gaps in the RF coverage are inevitable as most networks are built in stages for commercial reasons. In the meantime, the tracked vehicles usually continue to receive the GPS satellite signals even in the out-of-range areas. Telemetry events may also be continually generated. Therefore, it would be highly desirable to locally buffer the vehicle trails and other event history and transmit it later to the control room applications as soon as the connection is re-established. Such ‘store and forward’ approach is a must when events are aggregated and transmitted in unpredictable and asynchronous environments.

TRBOnet Swift Event Logic is a middleware package that applies business logic to the GPS, RFID, CAN and other event feeds. It also analyzes, optimizes and batch-sends the event data over the MOTOTRBO data channel and makes sure the limited link capacity is used economically.

The Event Logic-capable hardware devices currently include:

  • TRBOnet Swift DT500 Radio Modem
  • TRBOnet Swift TR001 Tracker with dual GSM/DMR connectivity and GPS/GLONASS support
  • TRBOnet Swift ST001 Option Board
  • Motorola Solutions Generic Option Board
Supported and Configurable Alarm/Event Sources TRBOnet Event Logic

Generated alarms and/or events can be forwarded to TRBOnet Enterprise.