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Phone Interconnect for MOTOTRBO

Phone Interconnect is a new software component available with TRBOnet Enterprise and TRBOnet PLUS that allows making calls from MOTOTRBO radios to telephones and from telephones to radios and also allows a dispatcher make/receive telephone calls through the Dispatcher Console. All what you need to enable this option is just to configure your SIP and TRBOnet RadioServer.

Note: Currently, Phone Interconnect does not support ConnectPlus

As a SIP service can be used a PBX device with SIP 2.0 support (Cisco, Planet, Asterisk etc) or just Internet SIP servers like (recommended for test purposes only)

Also you can use a virtual machine with pre-installed software PBX - Download Guide

Supported System Configurations

  • Any system based on Control stations, using Transmit Interrupt
  • IP Connect to IPSC repeaters
  • MOTOTRBO NAI VOICE/DATA (available for release 2.3A)

TRBOnet Phone Interconnect for IPSC and Cap+/LCP systems with NAI - Download the presentation

Systems on Control Station using TX Interrupt - Download User Guide
IP Connect to IPSC systems and MOTOTRBO NAI VOICE & DATA - Download User Guide

Supported Call Types

  • Individual Call from Radio to Phone
  • Individual Call from Phone to Radio
  • Group Call from Phone to Radios
  • From Phone to Dispatch

Radio is able to make a phone call using:
- Text Message
- Contact List (for Wireline systems only)

TRBOnet™ Telephone Interconnect

TRBOnet™ Telephone Interconnect DispatcherConsole